The joys of tivo

Last night our poor little tivo gave up the ghost. It had served us well for almost 3 years, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I believe that the hard drive was the culprit for its death. For the last day it was having trouble at certain spots in recordings. It would get stuck and then be unable to continue beyond that point. So breaking a rule that I’ve learned with servers, once a computer is up and running keep it that way, I tried to reboot tivo. It had been up for a year at this point, one of the nice things about california, no power outages. Well of course tivo never came back. I would get the powering up screen, but it would never proceed beyond that.
So, jaimie and I made the decision that we would have to replace tivo quickly, we had the tour to tape of course. Was lucky enough to be taking friday off already so that I could go grab a new one in the morning.
Tried Magnolia’s first. They weren’t really helpful. Salesguy did a horrible job. I waited around forever and could never get anyone to help me. His loss though. Went to Goodguys and the salesguy there was great. Found exactly what I was looking for immediately, a replacement model for $99 and the hard drive was twice as big now. Considered the HD version, we’ll probably be picking up a HDtv in the next year, but keep hearing rumors about those models being really flaky.
On getting the tivo home and hooked up I discovered the next problem. Tivo won’t let you record until it’s made a phone home. Of course since we’ve got voip, this was going to be a fun experiment. I found an excellent discussion of the problem here:
Since I had the RT10 model, I tried the “,#034” option and was able to succesfully make the long distance as well as the local call. Now we’ve got a beautiful brand new tivo up and running. Didn’t really realize how important it was until the thought of having to watch normal tv came back. Living without tivo would be rather painful now that I’ve gotten used to having it.