Responding Quickly, Good Job Bloglines

I just noticed that bloglines has added hot keys. This is just a few short days after Google Reader came out with them in their product. I played around with Google Reader a bit and using the hot keys was really the only way that I thought it was usable, it was just way too clumsy and slow otherwise. I like being able to set up folders in bloglines and then going through each folder. This way I’ve got the posts in order by topic, ie. news, then software, then business. The only way I can keep my head wrapped around things.
Do I really need hotkeys with bloglines, no not really, but now that they’re there I’ll probably get used to using them. I really like the responsiveness though. Working at a company that is unable to make nimble changes is incredibly frustrating and the reason that I left my previous job. If you see something that needs to be done, just do it. Good job Bloglines.