TV Poker

Started watching the Travel Channels coverage of Texas Hold Em awhile back and found it interesting if I had some time to kill. One of it’s best aspects was watching the pros bluff each other and having the inside knowledge of what was going on. It was fascintating to see the control over emotion and strategy that they had. The commentators seemed to be rather knowledgeable as well.
Last night I caught ESPN’s version of the same. It was just bad. Poker for the lowest common denominator. You never watched more than one hand in a row and the commentators were not only idiots and offensive, but outright wrong sometimes. I try and avoid watching most anything that’s on ESPN and the only reason that this snuck in was that I was up late in a hotel room that only got 10 channels.
It’s sad to see coverage of an interesting event handled so poorly. What’s worse is that the 24hr news channels are looking very similar.