VMware and my linux laptop

With my linux setup I’ve been pushing the edge of what you can do on a laptop. I run vmware so that I can test Windows applications. VMware isn’t the happiest with the setup though. It won’t run bridged mode netwoking over a wifi nic. You have to use nat mode instead. This was a painful lesson as networking would just freeze up completely when you try and config bridged mode, to the point that I had to pull the battery to get the computer to shut down.
Another painful lesson was that VMware isn’t all that happy with being on a suspended laptop. It wouldn’t come back after the suspend and would have to be forced down. Of course if you do this you’ll have to clear out the file system locks to get the vm to come back up again afterwards.
So, general rule is that you have to be careful about what you’re doing while using vmware on a laptop. Shut it down before you close the lid and setting up networking takes some extra care over a wifi card. The amazing part is that it does work though once you get it setup.