Follow Up Article for PriceRitePhoto

Looks like the media is starting to pick up on these stories of businesses getting slammed after being featured on a community site. Not anything new, the slashdot effect has been around for some time now. MediaPost Publications posted a high level follow up to the PriceRitePhoto story. What seems fairly obvious is that the owner of PriceRitePhoto still doesn’t get it. He appears to believe that just because his company has been able to get away with mistreating customers in the past that he should be able to continue to get away with it. A smart company would have realized the media storm they had just walked into and attempt to put out the fire. One more reason why smart companies survive and PriceRitePhoto needs to be put out of business.
The relationship between customers and businesses is changing at a very rapid clip. There are articles all over about how Google is changing markets and disrupting established businesses. I truly believe that what Google and others are simply doing is giving the consumer more power to make informed decisions. The businesses that are suffering are ones based on having uninformed customers and ineffecient markets. These are going to slowly fade and die out and the businesses relying on them as well.
Now there is some evidence that there were some individuals acting out innapropriately against PriceRitePhoto. That shouldn’t have happened, but as the article mentions this topic has definitely struck a cord with a lot of people and there was a backlash of frustrated consumers. I’m sure SCO felt the same way after it made the mistake of suing IBM over linux.