IE javascript testing

It really is amazing how far the javascript libraries have come. Went through and tested Cloudgrove with all of the major browsers and for the most part everything worked as expected. I was worried that to get IE working properly I would have to set up special cases. However, the only areas where there are issues are where I had to step outside of the Prototype library.

  • Some sizing aspects are a bit off in IE since the measurements are done differently than firefox, a small pain but for the most part manageable.
  • IE 6 doesn’t support alpha channels with pngs out of the box. Of course there is a way to apply a filter with css or javascript to fix it, but would it have really been that hard to make it work correctly to start off with?
  • Keycode events are just simply a mess. Trying to implement keyboard actions for the application is more of an art than a science. Just going to have to keep testing to make sure things are working properly.

Was especially excited to see that Safari was working properly. Should be fairly simple at some point to create a mobile and/or iPhone output. Of course the focus for now is still to work on the core product. Usability has to come before everything else.