Discovered Peter Hamilton's Books

Came across Pandora’s Star through my recommendations and absolutely loved the book. It’s exactly the type of Sci-Fi that I enjoy, looking at how the world could be different under different circumstances. The main change to kick the story off is what could happen if a Jobs/Wozniak style duo could create wormhole technology out of their garage. This one change is then a jumping off point for an epic look into the future.
The initial story is a two book series, but the it is also continued after a further jump into the future with the Void Trilogy. I’ve made it through the first four books of the five book series and am anxiously waiting for the last book to be published in 2010.
The beginning of the Void trilogy is a bit difficult to get through, there are a lot of changes that take awhile to get used to, but the story is definitely worth the struggle. I would recommend the stories for anyone that’s a fan of Sci-Fi.