Apple Tv Update

appletvApple just revved the software version of AppleTV up to version 3.0. There are a fair number of UI changes with this release and the layout seems to make a lot more sense now. The thing I like the most though is the inclusion of streaming radio from the internet. I can now get streaming DigitallyImported during the day, WOOHOO. You used to be able to do this by using the AppleTV as a remote set of speakers instead of playing directly off of the AppleTV. This made it a complete pain to control with the remote though.
It’s going to take a little more testing to see how well the update went. It just so happened that at the same time that the update came out I was upgrading the home wifi network (big changes coming there that I’ll talk about shortly). With the network upgrade I had to disconnect and reconnect the AppleTV to iTunes. This required a re-sync of all of the files. As this was taking place video on the AppleTV was getting a bit of video stutter, but it could be that it was just overwhelmed from the file transfers. Once things calm down a bit I’ll take another look at the video.