Adding RSS discovery to Chrome

For Chrome on the mac, it appears that RSS auto discovery is not included by default. This is the feature that puts a little RSS icon in the URL bar when the page that you’re on has an RSS feed available. In order to enable this feature for Chrome on the mac you need to install this extension. This is an extension from Google and seems to work great.
Then if you find a RSS feed that you’d like to add to ReadPath, drag the link below to your bookmark bar.
Add To ReadPath
Then when you’re on a page that you want to subscribe to, press the bookmarklet and it will have ReadPath subscribe you to the feed.

Kindle for the mac

Kindle for the mac was just announced last night. I was really excited and downloaded it immediately.
The software is still listed as beta and definitely has a rough around the edges feel. But it does all of the basic things that kindle for the iPhone does. It allows you to pull in any of the books from your amazon archive, sync locations between different devices, change the font and reading formats to fit the device, and sync notes between devices. The main disappointment that I had was that the mac version doesn’t appear to have a book search feature. The laptop version of the software is the ideal place to be able to go back into your books and take notes or look up relevant parts. Without a basic search feature though this is severely hampered.
Up until now I’ve been splitting my two basic classes of book purchases, books that I’d just like to read from cover to cover and books that I need as reference material. I still purchase in physical form most of my computer books because I want to be able to look something up quickly and flip to exactly the point that I need. This is not an ideal use case for the kindle though, which is really good at reading from cover to cover. If the laptop software had a good search feature I would definitely start looking at purchasing reference books in digital form. It would be a great tool for looking things up and taking notes.
Well, hopefully Amazon listens and gets search implemented. It’ll transform the laptop software from a curiosity into a really powerful tool.

Things task management

Now that I’m spending a good percentage of my day chasing around a 1yr old, my brain has gone to mush. I’m finding that if there are things that I need to do and I don’t jot them down, then they don’t get done.
I was on the lookout for a really great notes/task management tool that would sync back and forth between my laptop and iPhone. I tried out several of the web based ones and Evernote(which has a desktop and iPhone app), but they never quite did exactly what I needed.
Then I found Things. It’s a bit expensive, but it got great reviews, so I thought I’d try it out. You have to purchase the desktop app and the iPhone app separately, but they work great together. Syncing whenever you have wifi turned on on the iPhone. You can quickly create notes, set them as scheduled, inbox, or whatever you want. Update them and move them around easily. The desktop app even integrates in with iCal’s todo list.
If you need a fast way to keep track of a mix of small and large things and the ability to sync back and forth from phone to laptop, I would highly recommend checking out Things.