We’re one step closer to Judgement Day

Army’s unmanned aerial drone kills for the first time.

A Hunter unmanned aerial vehicle engaged and killed two suspected improvised explosive device emplacers overwatching a major thoroughfare for Coalition Forces during a historic flight near Qayyarah, Iraq, in Nineveh province Sept. 1.

And of course that’s Judgement Day in the Terminator sense.

And it’s also great to know that we’ve developed the technology to distinguish plain clothes militia from teenagers kicking a ball around from 10,000 ft. I wouldn’t want to think that we could make a mistake and drop a guided bomb on a couple innocent kids playing soccer.

Why the plug-in hybrid is better

There seems to be some reluctance on the part of the automakers to push plug-in hybrids. There has been some research out there showing that by using plug-ins there really isn’t a energy benefit. All that you are doing is shifting the source of the energy from one place to another. While this may not seem to be a huge benefit, in actuality it really is.

With an oil based economy there are a few sources of oil and very defined paths for how energy gets from these places to the consumer. However, by using the electric grid it very much becomes a free for all. The grid acts as an open market / network allowing energy to come from many different sources. This allows for innovation in energy technology to be plugged into the grid as it becomes viable. Also different techniques can be used in different areas. There is no longer a need to come up with a solution for everyone.

Local generation of electricity will take off in the near future. 50% of energy is lost in transmission, so by generating it locally already there is a huge savings. As micro-turbines and solar begin to reach similar prices to coal and natural gas you will see communities begin to install these.

By allowing vehicles to take advantage of the incremental upgrades in energy technology you are creating a more flexible vehicle and economy. There is no longer a need for major infrastructure changes. That same money can be used for infrastructure enhancements that have wider unforeseeable benefits.

Apple TV is HOT

So far I love my Apple TV. It’s brought the music back into the living room and made it a social event again. No need to hide away with the computer to listen to music. The one thing that is a little disconcerting though is that it runs REALLY HOT. Even just idling with nothing going on, no syncing, it’s almost too hot to touch. Doesn’t seem to be adversely affecting it at all, just don’t put anything else near it.

Killing the browser

So I know you’re out there thinking, how can I make my web browsing experience as painful as possible. Well, I’ve found a surefire way to make loading any page dreadful.

  1. Load up Firefox
  2. Install the Firebug plugin
  3. Go to an Outlook Web Access page
  4. Let it sit overnight

By the next morning your browser will be completely unusable without killing it and restarting. Took me a few times to narrow it down that this was the combination causing the problems, but it appears that any page with a decent amount of ajax activity will kill your browser if you leave it open for a long time with Firebug. Firebug tracks a fair amount of data about each request and doesn’t appear to throw it away. So leaving one of these pages open for a long time can really hurt.