A little background

Decided to start up a blog, to see how this new technology trend works. More a matter of how I work with it rather than the trend as a whole. I’ve never kept a journal or done any other type of personal writing in the past, so this will be an interesting experiment.
A bit of a profile:
I’m a software engineer in Silicon Valley. I work for a rather large media company and am lead developer on a site in the digital photography realm. I was recently promoted to engineering manager, but am really still playing the role of tech lead.
Like many other engineers I have interests outside of just computers. As this experiment progresses, I might get into some of them here in the blog. However, I have concerns with how open I can be in this public forum. I’m very aware of the issues with public postings having a knack of sticking around for a very long time. Also, most companies aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of employees posting their thoughts yet either, so in the beginning I’m going to tread lightly.