The joys of home ownership

So, you go out and plunk down that enormous sum of money and now you’re a home owner in the bay area. You’d think that after the price you paid and everything you’ve had to go through to get to this point that the rest would be easy. Of course you’d be completely wrong.
Now you get to experience the wonderful joy of dealing with neighbors. From the unsightly things they do that drive you nuts, to the nasty old cats they keep that you have to keep scaring away so they don’t use your vegetable garden as a litter box, to the cigar smoke that infuses your entire house at night because the wind happens to be blowing the wrong way and you have to have the windows open because of the summer heat.
But then you have the satisfaction of being able to go home at night to your own place and take a walk around you’re own neighborhood and it’s all worth while.