Crazy Ideas

I went to the 106Miles meeting last wednesday night. This is a really interesting group of engineers in Silicon Valley with entrepreneurial motivations. Started going to this group at their second meeting after hearing about it on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, which interestingly enough I had started reading because I found his account of difficulties with a water heater interesting as I was replacing my own. The group has grown dramatically in a very short period of time and often has to turn people away due to the groups inability to host 100+ people.
Some times the ideas I encounter at the meeting are eye-opening. Other times it’s just worth it to go chit-chat with other like minded individuals. I’m still surprised at some of the ideas that make it off of the scribbling on a napkin stage, some even make it to full funding and employees. Not sure if this is a comment on how there’s too much money and not enough ideas these days or if a certain number of crazy ideas always get funded in the hopes that maybe they’re not so crazy.
The ideas that seem to be the most out there for me are the ones where alternative market places are set up, complete with their own currencies. I wish the people behind these ideas the best of luck, but just wonder if they really understand how markets work.
One final comment, on non-content sites, putting google ads on your webapp is not a business plan.