I love Sci-Fi Friday

The sci-fi channel has been getting better and better and it’s now gotten to the point where i’m looking forward most of the week to friday, and not just for the break from a stressful job.
I got Jaimie hooked on sci-fi with Buffy. We’ve both watched every episode of that show and we’re very sad to see it end, but it was time. It had been winding down for awhile. After that I introduced her to Stargate. We’ve been watching that for the last couple of years now. Another very creative show that isn’t afraid to keep reinventing itself.
Stargate Atlantis was an interesting change. It doubles our weekly intake of Stargate and the Wraith are great, incredibly creepy bad guys. If only taila(sp?) and Dr. Weir won’t so damn annoying.
Then came Battlestar Galactica. Another great show exploring some new ideas. A little bit too stressful for Jaimie so only I watch that one.
Finally last week they introduced Firefly. Like I said I was a huge fan of Buffy and I think that a huge amount of the credit for that goes to Joss Whedon. I think he’s doing a great job with this show as well. I like that it’s taking its time to laydown the storyline. The movie comes out on Sept 30th so we’ll be spending my birthday in the theatre.