Finding new sources of content.

One of the things I’ve most enjoyed since leaving school is being able to peruse the book stores and libraries for interesting topics. Since I’ve left UofM I actually feel that the rate that I’ve been studying and learning has increased dramatically. I try to make it to the book store at least once a week to look for new ideas to investigate. The problem has been though that I’ve picked over all of the local bookstores for the most part.
I was rather disappointed when I got to the bay area to learn that the stanford library wasn’t open to the public. I know that it’s a private and very expensive school, but it was nice that the UofM library was open to the public, just so many interesting tidbits in there.
So, as I began to struggle to find new sources of content I extended my search outward. The internet was the obvious choice, but finding quality content has always been a hassle. So, I admit that I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve recently discovered blogs and have absolutely fallen in love with them. All of the little tidbits of knowledge that are so hard to find in commercially produced content can be found out there. Discussions on the ins and outs of software engineering, getting over the fear of taking the plunge into entrepeneuship, how to plug your ipod directly into a volvo s60. And with so many people keeping things like blogrolls so that once you find something you like it’s easier to find more of it.
This weekend I took another plunge and decided to try out another of the recent fads. I downloaded my first podcasts. I have to say that talk radio has always annoyed me because for each story I found interesting I’d have to listen to 5 completely boring topics that I could care less about and then throw in commercials on top of that. With the podcasts you can get some topics that would have never been picked up by mainstream media. Of course it probably helps that the main interests that I’m following are business and software in the bay area (definite hot topics when it comes to podcasts).
I’ve personally noticed the major shift in content delivery for myself in the last several years. I’m no longer happy to take content on the schedule or terms that mainstream media dictates. With tivo and netflix for video, ipod with podcasts for audio, and blogs for news I’m fairly disconnected from the mainstream and couldn’t be happier with the firehose of targeted content that I receive on a daily basis.