RSS is great

I’ve really taken to using RSS on the web. When I find interesting sources of information, something that I feel might produce future interesting tidbits, I always look for an rss feed. Lately it’s become much more likely that you’ll be able to find a feed. Then I’ll add the feed to my bloglines page.
However, what just struck me last night was that I have no real history with this setup. One of the ideas that I’ve had in the back of my head for a long time is to have a personal document management system. I’d like all of the documents that I deal with in my life to be able to be put in a system where I can deal with them in an efficient manner.

  • All of the magazines that I subscribe to scanned in and OCRd.
  • All of the financial and tax documents that I have to keep track of scanned and OCRd.
  • My web browsing history and RSS feeds, saved offline and searchable.
  • This would need to involve such ideas as search, tagging, and browsing. Preferrably this could be set up through a nice web interface. The main issues however are:

  • I could set this up for myself, but it would be a fair amount of work.
  • If I set it up as a service I could charge for it, but there would be serious scalability issues.
  • To really do this the way I’d like would require document scanning and OCR.
  • I want all of my personal documents that I recieve in the mail accessible, then there are definite security concerns.