Last day in a big company

I’m taking the plunge back into startup land, so today is my last day with CNET Networks. While not a Fortune 100 company, it’s definitely falls into the medium sized company range. After picking up a whole lot of experience in how to navigate inside of a beauracracy and develop processes for working with larger teams, it’s time for me to realign myself with my long term goals.
I’m still on the path of starting my own company in the mid-near future and I think there are some areas of experience that need to be filled in. This helped to make my decision easier to head back to a very small startup.
I hadn’t let myself get too excited up until this point. It just hadn’t felt like it was real, but now it’s starting to set in. I’m very excited about the new opportunities opening up, but also want to thank everyone that I’ve worked with for the last several years. It’s been a great opportunity and I want to wish you the best with future projects. Webshots has some great potential, it all comes down to execution and ability to scale up. There are some big sharks in the photo sharing / community space now and how things shake out will be interesting.
Good Luck to everyone at Webshots, hope to hear from you in the future.