Flourescent lights

Jaimie and I have been pushing to reduce the impact of our living on the environment. Recycling was an obvious first choice. Just by being careful about what we throw out, we’ve been able to reduce our trash significantly. Our recycled papers and plastics have taken a lot of the mass out of our weekly trash.
The second largest change we could make was to swap out our normal light bulbs for flourescent ones. These have several advantages, use a fraction of the electricity and last much longer. However, they have downsides as well. The color is different, a much starker white. It’s a bit weird to get used to at first, but not the end of the world. Another problem though is that they take a while to warm up. The bulbs will start out dim and come to full brightness after about 60 seconds. This can be a problem in areas like a bathroom, where you enter and leave fairly quickly, not giving the bulbs a chance to warm up.
I’d really like to be able to stay with the new light bulbs, but to offeset the negatives I’ve found that mixing the flourescent bulbs in a 2-1 ratio with standard bulbs works very well. This balances the color out to a more standard feel and adjusts the brightness so that there’s light immediately.
Otherwise I’ve very happy with the new bulbs. There’s no flicker or any other downsides of flourescent light bulbs.