Laptops Rock

After picking up my first laptop a couple of years ago, I’ve moved into the camp of belief that there is no reason to own a desktop anymore. You can’t beat the flexiblity of being able to just get up and go work somewhere else, laydown and work in bed if you feel like it. The prices on laptops have come down enough now to be reasonable for general usage. If you want something to do web/email/IM, you can’t beat an Apple iBook, it’s rock solid and just works. For real development work, I’m a huge fan of the Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad t42. It’s got great linux support and just flies.
We’ve got quite a storm going here right now in Redwood City, CA. Wind is really blowing and the rain is coming down. Saw a few downed powerlines in the street when I went to lunch earlier and there’s even some lightning and thunder booming around. With all of this going on another benefit of owning laptops was made apparent. When the lights go out, you can keep working. For all intents and purposes they’ve got a built in UPS. Of course all of the servers in the house went down and routing to the internet was lost, but other than network the laptops kept chugging along.