There is no war on terror

Just as there really isn’t a war on drugs, there isn’t really a war on terror. Until communities can form militias and open fire on the enemy combatants on our street corners selling heroin we’re not really at war. Of course everyone understands that waging war in the streets against drug dealers isn’t how things are done in this country. You let the police charge them and the DA convict them in a trial. It’s also understood that you can’t open fire on Muslim Americans in the street. Yet somehow the President feels he can use war powers because we’re at “war”.
There are some individuals out there that are breaking the law that need to be brought before a court, charged, and found guilty with complete due process. There is a bit of a hitch with suicide bombers in that they tend to kill themselves and leave no one behind to charge, but we shouldn’t throw the civil liberties of the rest of the country out the window because these very few individuals are making law enforcement more difficult. We live in a country that believes in laws.
Until the average american citizen realizes that this is all just a PR move to allow the Executive branch to grab more power we’ll continue to suffer the loss of basic civil rights. There are hundreds of people around the world stuck in legal limbo because the US can’t charge them but doesn’t want to let them go either. This is not how the country that I believe in acts. The country that I believe in follows the rules of law. It doesn’t throw them aside when it feels like it. If you can’t charge someone with a crime under the law, then you have to let them go. This happens with murderers all the time, not what we want to see happen, but there is a process to how you’re found guilty. This process protects us from being picked up in the middle of the night by the gestapo and disappearing, which is exactly what a german citizen is currently suing the US Government for doing. Also, you don’t torture innocent people because you think they’re someone else. Better yet, you just plain don’t torture anyone.
Terrorism has become the boogeyman that normal people can’t think about rationally. The executive branch is using this to their advantage and taking our country down in the process. It’s about time americans wake up and really start to think about what’s happening to their country.