Inefficient marketing

My name has been placed on various software/hardware vendors mailing lists from subscribing to certain magazines and attending tradeshows. Because of this, I recieve a steady stream of marketing pitches in the mail. One of the best that I’ve recieved was a nice coffee mug from Cisco. No specific product behind it, just simple effective branding.
The other day I recieved the weirdest pitch though. A marketer from a midsize software company called my cellphone to tell me that tomorrow I would be recieving a marketing pitch from them in the mail. There was no mention of what the actual pitch was just that I should check my mail tomorrow and look for the mailing from them.
To me this seems to be the most inefficient way to go about marketing. Not only did they not prequalify me, the product wasn’t relevant to what I do, but they used a very costly and time consuming marketing method to promote an incredibly inefficient method of marketing. Once she had me on the phone why didn’t she give me the sales pitch then. Getting a live person on the phone is usually the hardest part. To then waste that opportunity to tell me to do something that I was already going to do, ie. check my mail, is insane.
This company is just throwing their money away and the funny thing is that I was so shocked by what had just happened that I forgot their name.