All Marketers are liars

There’s an excellent presentation by Seth Godin here that he gave at Google.
Some excellent points about creating products that people actually need and selling them to the people that need them. I think that one of the underlying ideas of the presentation was that business really needs some self-restraint and discipline. At the end of the video he get’s into the idea that just because you can release a product doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. I think public companies really have trouble with this sometimes. They are so up against the wall to generate profits that they’re forced to try and sell products to people that don’t really need them. Either through trying to over expand a products market and selling to people that don’t need it or trying to bring out follow up products that don’t really meet a need.
To take a closer look at a lot of the examples that Seth Godin uses, they almost all involve companies that have been able to show this self-restraint. Not releasing products that they don’t need to and making sure that the products that they do release are the right ones. Of course that last bit is the hard part. Being able to determine what the right product is, is a whole lot harder than it looks.