Folders and Streams

In working with CloudGrove, my personal search engine, I’ve found it necessary to take another look at how I manage the UI. The current implementation uses folders to group RSS feeds. This way it’s easy to logically group feeds together. It works well for a very basic implementation, but to do more complicated things, you need to consider the importance of time in the browsing experience. With folders the only states are read and unread. Once you read a feed, how do we provide an interface to go back through the content of the feed?
Feeds have to deal with time, new content is always streaming in. In browsing though you often have the desire to move both forward and backward. To handle this in a UI sense I’m refactoring the display to present as streams instead of folders. By doing this logically you could actually do some creative things by piping one stream into other streams.
And best of all, this will actually make the development of the UI simpler.