So for an early birthday present, Jaimie and I went down to the Palo Alto Apple Store and picked up a new Macbook. White of course, it’s funny how many people can’t believe that Apple is charging $150 extra just to get the laptop in black. Not exactly worth it if you ask me.
I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with this little machine. It’s a complete rocket compared to the 12″ iBook that I’m upgrading from. In the past I really had to use two laptops. One for work, a t42 thinkpad with linux on it, and the iBook for personal stuff, web browsing, email, and IM. The main reason for this is that I prefer to have a personal laptop to avoid any issues with using company equipment, but primarily because while everything just worked on the iBook, java performance was abysmal. Eclipse was just unusable. I had Eclipse installed on there so that when I was out of the offie or on vacation I could boot it up and make emergency changes if necessary, but day to day work was just painful.
With the Macbook, this is all changed. There’s no appreciable difference between the Mac and the Linux laptop. The only problem is the slight difference in key mappings, and deciding whether to remap the keys or retrain the fingers.
The next step that I’m still waiting for is VMware’s workstation to support OSX. It’s supposed to be coming out shortly. Once that happens I’ll be able to move all work over to the macbook.