Installing Fedora Core 5

I’ve upgraded my laptop to use FC5. Only took a couple of tries to get it to go through. The main issue is with the CD Handling. Once you’ve picked your packages there’s no way to adjust if there is a problem with the cd.
My initial install was going to just be a absolute bare bones install since I only wanted to have to download the first cd. Turns out that with all of the packages unselected you still need at least the 2nd cd with FC5. Wasn’t this way with FC4, but oh well.
Downloaded the second cd, got the laptop installed. Was then going to just install everything else I needed over the network. Usually this is really easy, just yum install kdebase and this will put kde and X on the system and away you go. This time though it installed kde, but didn’t mark Xorg as a dependency. Went back to install Xorg, but it was always missing something, this is the problem that rpms were designed to fix. It was late, so the plan was to start over in the morning.
For the next try, I downloaded all of the cds and just did a full install from cd. Of course there was some issue mounting cd 3. Install was no good, no way to recover, had to start over again. Finally on the 3rd time through all of the packages were installed and everything was good to go.
Mandrake had a better way to handle cds. If at some point while installing there was an issue, you could just tell it to keep going and to not install that package. Wish Fedora would add this since when you’re picking packages you have no idea which cds you need and if you pick a package on a cd that you don’t have there is no way to adjust other than simply starting the complete install over.
Next project, get the built in wifi working.
Just had to get the ipw2200 firmware installed and reboot and were off and running.