It's all about Execution

There have been a whole load of posts around the internet from all sorts of respected people within the startup ecosystem, but it just can’t be said enough.
Anyone can have an idea in their shower. They could envision the coolest thing ever, but if they don’t turn it into a product then it never happened. Ideas have zero value if you don’t have the execution to make them happen.
There are all sorts of examples of ideas that many people had, YouTube wasn’t the first to put video on the internet, but it was how they went going about doing it that made them successful.
If you’re in a small company, start each day going over what customer pain point it is that you’re trying to solve. Then ask what it is that you’re doing to make your answer to that pain point, ie. your product, better and more effective. If you don’t stay focused on that, you’re going to find yourself working on things with nothing to do with anything and out of money before too long.