Reducing Spam

Sunday night I got a nice little heads up while cruising through my Digg feed. Apparently in Mac Mail there is a nice little button that you can put in the toolbar, using customize, that allows you to send back user unknown bounce messages to people that send you spam. Mail already does a decent job of determining what is spam and putting it in it’s own little spam folder. Now I can just go into that folder, select all, and then hit the bounce button.
A decent percentage of spam is completely forged so you’ll get back more bounce messages that the people you’re bouncing to don’t exist either. So one simple rule later, to automatically dump the double bounces into the trash and we’re off. Up to this point I was getting 50-100 spam messages a day. So it’ll be interesting to see if this makes a noticeable impact on that number, but it does feel good to be able to send them back.