Suggestion for Google Video

I love using Google Video for their Google Eng Edu videos. This series of ~1hour long video of talks given on all sorts of techie topics is great. I love being able to get an inside access to these presentations. It’s just like being at school again and having the weekly presentation from the visiting professor.
The only issue with the format is that while it’s great to have the long duration video, instead of the normal 5-15 minute videos being pushed by other sites, it’s a pain to deal with the files. The optimum way for me to watch the videos is to batch them up and then watch them when I have some free time, say on a flight across the country. For this to work though you need offline access and while Google allows you to download these files, it just doesn’t work well. You essentially have to pretend that you’re watching the video on pause and let the player download continue in the background. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t and the worst part is that you can only do one video at a time.
The system is almost there, if Google would allow you to download multiple videos in the background so that you could watch them at your convenience it would be optimal. Of course I’m sure there are revenue issues, whole lot of bandwidth being used with no ads being served. However, I would sit through a 30 sec ad at the beginning in order to get this feature.