Really enjoying the Kindle

I’ve got to say that I really enjoy reading books on the Amazon Kindle. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas this year and have just been tearing through books on it ever since. It just seems really fitting to read as many sci-fi books as possible on the little device. It’s also amazing the battery life it gets. I’ve been doing some heavy reading and find that I need to charge it about once a week with the networking turned off. After I finish a group of books I spend some time browsing the store and buy several others.
It takes about 30 minutes of reading your first book to get used to the switching of the pages and how to hold it comfortably to read a book, but once you do the technology disappears and you’re just flying through your latest novel. It makes it so much easier to travel with as well. You can load the thing up with a virtually unlimited number of books to take with you on a trip, so if you can’t quite make the call on which book to bring you can just bring them all.
On the negative side, there isn’t quite 100% coverage in books available. There are definitely a lot, but I’ve been disappointed to find that some books that I wanted to read just aren’t available yet. The kindle is also making it clear that when I buy the book in one format I don’t get it in another. Hopefully Amazon will offer a way at some point in the future to complete a purchase, to say buy an ebook and then to get a discount on the paper version at a later date or vice versa. Currently it just feels a bit wrong to pay full price for something that you already own.
Also, the design is really optimized for reading a book cover to cover. It’s not the greatest device for purchasing reference material since quickly flipping through a book to find the one tidbit that you need is not as simple as with a traditional book.
Finally a rather funny issue that I’ve had, is that I read before bed each night and have several times now fallen asleep mid-page and then woken up later to find that I had been holding down the next page button and that I have to backtrack all the way through the book to find where I left off.
Overall I love the thing, I have been doing 90% of my reading on it over the last several months and would recommend it to any other serious reader.