Spectacular Gadget Crashes

I think my Treo 650 wins the award for the most spectacular gadget crashes with a large immovable object. Without fail, the flash memory card is spring loaded ejected in the opposite direction from the point of impact creating a nice shower effect of parts flying every which way.
This morning I managed to drop the phone in my living room and the memory card shot in one direction while the stylus ended up all the way across the room in the other direction and the phone itself had a nice bounce off the rubberized antenna. You get to play a nice game of put the phone back together afterwards, but so far I’ve been lucky to suffer no permanent damage.
The funniest crash though was when I managed to drop the phone in a Hallmark store. The memory card shot over my shoulder and landed unseen somewhere in a 40′ long aisle of greeting cards. Took me awhile to find the postage stamp sized card that had slotted itself somewhere within the thousands of greeting cards.