Apple TV doesn't see recent YouTube content

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a big fan of tv as an alternative to broadcast television. However, today I noticed an interesting video on YouTube on scalability. I started to watch it on my laptop, but watching a long video on laptop just isn’t all that great. So I went over to the tv to pull up the video there. The problem was that the tv wasn’t pulling anything more recent than 4/18/08. A bit strange that it seems to be exactly a two month lapse.
I compared searches for “Seattle Conference” which pulls up a large number of the GoogleTechTalks, but all of the recent posts were missing from the tv results. The rest of the results were all there. Finally I tried adding the video as a favorite. It still won’t show up though. tv still says there’s nothing there.
I’ve tried looking around to see if there is anything about a two month blackout on tv but haven’t come up with anything yet.


Hmm, looks like this might be part of the problem. Trying to determine if there is a way to determine how the video is encoded.

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  • It appears that Google has to re-encode all of the videos on YouTube so that the Apple TV can read them. They are doing this in the background and it appears that they are ~2months behind when a video is uploaded.

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