Eclipse tweaks

I’ve been doing a LOT of web development work lately. It’s strange how you can end up working harder for yourself when you’re self employed than you ever worked for anyone else. With all of the banging away at the keyboard I managed to pick up a bit of a repetitive stress injury in my right hand. One quick trip to Fry’s and a new ergonomic keyboard later and it seems to be going away though.
Along with the need to make sure my work area is physically set up properly I also had to take care of a few things with my development environment. The biggest issue that I had on my main linux dev box was that in Eclipse I was getting all sorts of weird errors with cut and paste. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would pick up strange fragments of the desired text or I would have to do it 3-4 times to get it work. I did a bit of googling and got a good hint in the Eclipse bug reports that there may be an issue on linux with interactions between Eclipse and Klipper in KDE when doing cut and paste. Since I have no real idea what Klipper is supposed to be doing in the first place I simply disabled it and now everything works great.
The next major issue involves the fact that I can’t help myself upgrading to the latest version of software that I’m using. It doesn’t matter if the current version is working just fine. I’m just always tempted to follow the bleeding edge (Not the best candidate for sysadmin of critical systems). So when a new version of Eclipse came out, of course I had to upgrade. The new version has a built in web development toolkit that is supposed to be all that you need. Unfortunately the javascript editor in this latest build is just not up to snuff. Other than some basic code coloring and outline of methods it doesn’t appear that it’s able to do anything else.
Prior to the upgrade I had been using the JSEclipse plugin, which works great. So I decided to go back to it since so much of my work these days is with javascript and I couldn’t afford not to have it. The problem though was that the company that created the plugin was bought by Adobe. This wasn’t an issue at first as it was put on the Adobe Labs site and supported. However, just recently they’ve pulled it from the Labs site and the only obvious way to get it was through purchasing a copy of Flex. So I did a bit of digging around and found the update site for JSEclipse and was esctatic to realize that it still worked. One quick install later and I’m back in business tapping out javascript.