Great new author

Stumbled across a new author, John Scalzi,  when perusing recommendations on my Kindle. I made the mistake of reading his second book first, but it didn’t ruin anything to read it that way. Since I started reading his books I haven’t been able to stop. I’ve raced through 5 books and am just about to start his just released latest book Zoe’s Tale.
Scalzi has created a universe a bit into the future where humans have moved out into the Galaxy and found that it’s a very crowded place. All of the books have quite a bit of action, but also some plain good old sci-fi. My idea of good sci-fi is when it’s used to test out new ideas and the story is a dry run to see how they would work. The best sci-fi has a good story to go with the good ideas.
I also love his sense of humor, think Heinlein’s Starship Troopers with a touch of Monty Python satire. The book “The Android’s Dream” deals with the interplanetary fallout of a disgruntled diplomat killing a visiting alien ambassador with his flatulence. For the first bit of the book you’ll be wondering where this could possibly be going, but the second half is well worth your patience.