Internal leakage from Blogger

I was just checking out the news on ReadPath where I have a subscription to the “Blogs of Note” subscription that is a part of Blogger, and I came across a rather weird post. Usually posts from this subscription are just a simple Blog title with a link to the blog, no other content.
Well, this post looked like a meeting agenda and it appears to be from the Blogger management. The link on Blogger is no longer available but I’ve pasted the message here and it’s still available in the ReadPath archive.

MGMT Updates

  • No BMG
  • No Managers meeting (offsite)
  • Blogger Strategy Onsite Offsite and Dinner
  • OKR update next meeting, check out your doc and update (linked to under Ray’s OKR in MoMA) – add any additional OKRs
  • PERFs working day
  • Start using Podcast (results are tracked at team level)
  • Meet up interest survey (Bay Area)
  • Custom Domain issue is still open
  • New super user since last week (rookie of the year)
Help Center/Metrics
  • Visits to HC and U2U up 11%
  • Getting Started Guide for Help Center
  • Email elimination project – Need to finish building out Blog Gone and Login tools
  • U2U Survey – Brett & Danish to finalize questions
  • Following Launched to 20%
  • Known Issues :
  • Disconnect between Reading List and Managed Blogs
  • Profile photo change – Picasa
  • Duplicate entries on Reading List
  • Gerard is very happy with the team 🙂
  • International contact forms rolling out in Spanish
  • Europe Sales Conference, Gerard OOO
  • Team Perf review for Gerard?
It appears to announce that the new Following feature which integrates Blogger blogs with Google Reader has been launched to 20% of users (This is a great feature, going to have figure out how to implement that with ReadPath when the time comes).
It also points out some know issues with people not being able to determine the difference between followed blogs and subscriptions and there being issues with duplicate entries.