New kindle coming soon

kindle1Just saw the specs on the new kindle that amazon is getting ready to release and I’m pretty excited. Some of the items that I’m looking forward to are the larger screen, native support of pdf, book search and annotation.
One area that the new kindle will need to improve, that I didn’t hear mentioned, is with book/document management. If you have anywhere near the limit of 3,500 documents on your kindle, you need a better way to move through them than in a straight list. Folders or tags or some way to categorize items would be a huge help.
I’m a long ways out of college now, but as an ACM member I subscribe to their digital library updates with research papers on computing topics. I’ve got hundreds of papers in pdf format that I currently print out for reading since it’s just not comfortable to read long form papers on the laptop or in the sun in the backyard. I would love to be able to put these on my kindle, but managing that many documents along with books that I’ve purchased could be a headache.
Also while I would love to be able to markup documents for later reference while studying, one concern that I have is the ability to export my markups to some other format. I took advantage of Atlassian’s sale of Confluence and Jira for $5 a piece awhile back and have set up a personal wiki for keeping track of my own notes. Even if it was a simple text export, I would want a way to get the notes that I take while reading out for later use.
Overall though, the new kindle looks like a compelling upgrade.