Mail issues on ios4

If you value your email, you’re going to want to hold off on upgrading your iPhone to ios4. There are several posts (here and here) detailing issues that users are having with the Mail app on ios4. For myself, email has become unusable.

  • Often the mail icon will show that I have new mail, but when I open the app there is nothing there, even after hitting the refresh button.
  • After I delete email they’ll show back up again as unread.
  • I’ll often get a list of blank emails that I can’t do anything with.

Closing the Email app has no effect. The only thing that has helped so far is to double click the button to get to the quick switch screen, hold down the mail icon until they vibrate and the minus icon appears (I believe that this kills the background process), click the minus’ to close all running background processes. Once I do this Mail will begin to sync again. This leads me to believe that there are issues with communication between the background process and when you bring the app to the foreground.
I’m checking every day to see if Apple has pushed an update, but this was a pretty big bug to let slip into ios4.