Sharing videos from the iPhone

I’ve been attempting to sync the videos that I take on my iPhone back to my desktop mac. It appears that the normal way that Apple envisioned you doing this was to sync with iPhoto which would then download the videos to your desktop.  My problem is that I’ve got a fair of amount of infrastructure and work-flow behind using Aperture and Final Cut and syncing with iPhoto caused a lot of duplication that had to be undone by hand.
What I really wanted was to be able to just push or pull the file from my iPhone to the desktop over my local wifi. A really big first step getting there was finding the app Air Sharing.  This allows you to expose a portion of your disk on the iPhone and share it over wifi through bonjour or http. Great app, it’s got all of the controls that you need for security. Also, you can log into other servers over ssh, ftp, ftps, … browse to the file you want, and then either copy it locally or mail it off(This is great since the default iPhone is really cranky about mailing large files). You can even select to mail off an entire directory and it will make a nice zip of the directory for you before emailing it.
Air Sharing got me most of the way to where I wanted to go, but I still couldn’t figure out how to get the items that I wanted out of my Camera Roll and into the shared directory. Then I realized that when you’re in the “My Documents” area of Air Sharing and you click “Edit” and then “+” that there is an option to add from Photos. This allows you to select whatever you want from your Camera Roll and add it to the shared dir in “My Documents”.
Now when you add the iPhone as a new server in your finder, you’ll see the videos that you selected in the folder just like it was any other shared file on a remote server.